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Hearing aid spares and accessories

For your hearing aid to work at optimum capacity it is Important to replace batteries and filters on a regular basis. We also recommend that you place your hearing aids in a drying box over night to remove any moisture from the instrument. This will help to preserve the hearing aid. All our prices INCLUDE VAT at the current rate.

Please make your payments including postage if applicable via paypal to "" stating your order.

Please attach a message to say what you are ordering. See below for postage costs.

For orders less than £15.00 please add £1.50 for postage & packaging.
Free postage & packaging for orders over £15.00.


Hearing aid batteriesbatteries

Size 13 Batteries Orange - 6 Pack - £3.00
Size 312 Batteries Brown - 6 Pack - £3.00
Size 675 Batteries Blue - 6 Pack - £3.00
Size 10 Batteries Yellow - 6 Pack - £3.00
Size 5 Batteries Red - 6 Pack - £3.00


Hearing aid wax guards / filters

Phonak smart guard wax protectors / filter - 6 Pack - £7.50
Cerustop (Widex/Phonak) wax guard filters - 8 Pack - £5.00
Oticon "No Wax" wax guards - 6 Pack - £5.00
All other types of wax filters are available - Please contact us with your requirements.


Hearing aid domesdome

6mm, 8mm, 10mm Open ear dome - Each - £1.00

6mm, 8mm, 10mm Open ear dome - 10 Pack - £8.00

Available for all makes of hearing aids. Can be supplied as "tulip", "mushroom" and "power (double dome)"


Hearing aid drying box

Drying Box - £4.75 (To remove moisture and help prolong the life of any Hearing Aid.)
Drying box tablets - 6 Pack - £3.45
**Special offer ** Buy the drying box and tablets together for just £7.50.

Hearing aid tubing

(For all types of "traditional" behind the ear aids) Tubes - Each - £2.00
Alternatively send the mould AND the old tube to us and we will supply, fit and post back to you for - £10.00
Please enclosed cheque payable to " Clarity Hearing Ltd " with the mould.


Hearing aid receivers (For RIC/RITC Aids)

These are quite fiddley to fit, but can be done by someone with reasonable eyesight and dexterity. However we do offer an all make repair service for those people who are unable to fit the receivers themselves.

Please call us on 0121 246 9461 for advice on the above two items.